Hermann Wesselink College

Address:   Startbaan 3 1185 XP Amstelveen 

Website:  www.hermannwesselinkcollege.nl


Hermann Wesselink College is a secondary school with Teaching School status based Amstelveen near Amsterdam. The school has some 1600 students aged between 12 and 19 and aims to be a school where everyone is equal but no one is the same. The notions of freedom and respect for each other’s differences are key values 0f the European Union. But in order to respect each other you first
have to undestand each other so that they can also respect them. This allows us to link the direct international surroundings of Amstelveen with the wider world around us. And this is not limited to our bilingual department but also applies across the board to all our teaching. We are working on improving our exam results for German and French and we are convinced that with contact with the partner schools in this application, we can improve the skills of our languange teeachers.
For us, respecting each other’s differences also entails the development of talent. Together with our partner schools and a Sportmindset company with whom we work closely, we would like to do this in an international setting with a focus on sports. A unifying factor in the partnership between these schools is that we all strongly believe in stimulating and developing talent. Therefore we have consciously chosen these particular schools in these particular locations. We are an experienced bilingual school and we think we can share our CLIL competences with our partners.
HWC has had an excellent reputation for some years for the quality of its bilingual education with students experiencing 60% of their curriculum in English. As a Teaching  School it has a regional responsibility for training of intending teachers and has been involved in disseminating its expertise both nationally and internationally. In the realm of diversity , the college has adopted a Growth Mindset approach which it has been pursuing, as mentioned above, both through collaboration with a Sportmindset company and through other school partnerships. The Leadership team at the college have been involved in international development projects for a number of years and the Vice Principal is currently coordinating an Erasmus KA1 project on behalf of HWC.