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Monday 19th

8.25. Welcome Song with School Chorus and Welcome Speech by Ana Mula (Principal)- Students to classrooms.

10.45 School Tour

11.30 Project meeting: Project planning. Reminiscence about the possibilities of Democratic Learning.

14.30 Teachers LUNCH near school (Paddle)

17.00 AT SCHOOL. MAY 1968 WORKSHOP, with Peter Bommas. Presentations by students of the impact in their countries and regions

Film “Un franco 14 pesetas”, a sentimental true story of Spanish emigration to Switzerland.

Tuesday 20th

8.25-12.25 Continuation of the Puppet workshop. Participation of Integration and Open Classroom pupils.

12.40-14.00 Role play by our pupils in the Mediation Programme (English), and that for gifted pupils (Aljada +).

14.3O LUNCH IN MURCIA (typical: El Palomo, literally “the male pigeon”).

1700-19.30. A historical tour with Carlos Calvo, a colleague in the History Seminar, musician and certified guide: Casino, Cathedral, City Walls, Muslim palaces, Las Claras Processions…

17.00-19.00 Pupils explore the views of the city with María José and Fuensanta (Photo contest).


Wednesday 21th

09.00-10.30 Get together and Debate about the Pennington homework: how has your school empowered you to face the challenges of life and of the School of the future, if you happen to be a teacher.

11.00 Visit to Foodtopia and Lunch there.

17.00 Teachers: Exhibition “The Guernika´s trip”, in English (Murcia, city center)

Circa 19.00 . Teachers. Guided Visit to San Juan de Dios.

Thursday 22th

9.00 Bus from school to the Cuartel de Artillería. Exhibition about “the future of Public Schools”.

Pupils continue photographic tour with Fuensanta.

12.30. Teachers: Workshop: Teaching with Objects, by Miguel Ángel González and the History Seminar.

Pupils do a little pic nic. Teachers have lunch in the Cuartel de Artillería´s bar.

16.30 Visit Museum Science and Water.

17.30 Workshop by physics teacher, Melli.

Friday the 23th

8.25-10.15. Teachers visit School programmes at work (Bilingual, Cooperative Learning)

10.15 Health check for students

11.15 Bus to Murcia town hall with Sonia. Visit and Speech by local leaders (12).

Free lunch.

18-22 Farewell party in LA NAVE with DRUM CIRCLE, with Spanish specialties by Families and National delights brought by foreign schools and students (and non alcoholic beverages).

Saturday 24th

From 10h: Visiting Schools: Tour of the archaeological complex of the Wolf King in Monteagudo (XII century), with Ecoambiental.

LUNCH IN LA TORRE restaurant, in Puente Tocinos,where we might benefit from the experiences of our ex colleague Paco Rodríguez in his Parisian sojourn in 1968.

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